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Change Generation

Creating A Job Market For The Most Fulfilling Jobs

Sure, there aren’t too many jobs these days, but ReWork still wants to make sure people aren’t toiling away at work they hate. Their job matching network is connecting passionate workers with the companies that need them.

If jobs were fun, they wouldn’t be called work. But especially for a younger generation of workers, that attitude is no longer cutting it. People want to feel connected and inspired by how they earn their living, but those jobs aren’t so easy to come by. So Nat Koloc and Evan Walden, the co-founders of ReWork, have created what they call an online passive job market. Is your secret passion to work on sustainable agriculture but you have no idea how you’d make that move? Now you can submit your name and CV to their database, and when a company comes looking for the job you’re passionate about, you’ll be connected and potentially go from toiling away in the rat race to being excited to wake up for work.

This piece is part of Change Generation, our series on young, change-making entrepreneurs. Read the rest here.