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The Sexiest, Most Fun Bus You'll Ever See

A Danish transportation agency advertises its public transportation in the most outrageous bus ad ever.

Public transportation is not—as a rule—cool or sexy. And buses may be the least sexy of all public transportation options (it’s certainly no light rail). But convincing sexy and non-sexy people alike to take public transportation, including buses, is a good thing. So finding ways to make it seem more exciting is a must.

That’s why this new ad from Midttrafik, the local public transportation agency in a part of Denmark, is especially impressive. The spot—by agency M2Film—paints the agency’s buses as the coolest ride around. The driver is cool (he tells us) and the ad touts such amazing bus features as stop-request buttons, handles for standing riders, and the ability to travel quickly through traffic in dedicated bike lanes. Doesn’t sound too sexy? Well, watch how Midttrafik presents it. It makes you want to ride the bus all day. All. Day.

Now, no ad will make crowds of people actually climb over each other to get on board, nor will they make motorcycle riders do hilarious spit takes. But even the smallest amount of excitement that anyone can attach to the act of taking the bus deserves applause (just like how impressive this sexy electric motorcycle ad is). Make sure you click on the English subtitles by clicking the CC button in the corner, and let Midttrafik take you on the bus ride of your life. Unless, of course, you’re too sexy for this bus.