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It Doesn't Matter What It's Called, As Long As You're Doing Good

Why waste time discussing whether something is philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, or anything else when you could be actually making a difference.

As the chairman of the executive committee at Hasbro, Alan Hassenfeld has done a lot of work with the company’s considerable projects to help children (the same people who are buying its toys and games). In this video, he makes the excellent point that, while the name has changed, from the antiquated-sounding "philanthropy" to the modern buzzwords like "shared value," the goal remains the same: helping people. So he suggests we maybe take a little time away from renaming and focusing on that goal.

This video is part of a series on prominent social innovators—all convened by PricewaterhouseCooper during the 2012 Social Innovation Summit—who are discussing the evolution of social innovation and offering advice to social entrepreneurs. We’ll be featuring them here on Co.Exist.

Here’s a little preview of everyone who will be featured.