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Feeding the Future

See How The Fake Meat Gets Made At The Twitter Guys' Fake Meat Startup

Beyond Meat (which just received a big investment from the Obvious Corporation) is flying off the shelves everywhere it’s available. How do they make this devious chicken substitute? It’s all about the extrusion. Delicious.

The Obvious Corporation—a company run by the Twitter cofounders—recently made a splash by investing in Beyond Meat, a startup that claimed to have finally made a fake meat product that fooled even meat eaters into thinking they were eating the real thing. (Early Facebook investor Peter Thiel has recently made his own competing investment in a company working on printing meat using a 3-D printer.)

Beyond Meat is a soy chicken product with something new—what food scientists call "the right chew." Food researcher Harold Huff of the University of Missouri at Columbia spent over 10 years perfecting the science that quickly transforms dry soy powder into food that has the look and texture of chicken strips. Food critics have been wowed by its good taste. Here’s how they make it.

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