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Watch This Stunning Video Of Curiosity Landing On Mars

A reworked version of NASA’s video presents an amazing view of the rover touching down on the red planet (complete with inspiring, soaring soundtrack).

A few days ago, NASA released a video of the Curiosity Rover landing on the surface of Mars, giving us amazing views of the red planet’s surface as the rover neared the ground. But the video, while beautiful, was choppy and lacked any inspiring music to really get you excited about the glories of space exploration.

Now, a videographer has worked some magic (read this post at io9 for the technological details of how he increased the frame rate on the video) to make it smoother and added a lovely soundtrack. So turn up your headphones, make this video full screen, and watch the Martian surface slowly come up at you. If this is the first moment of Curiosity’s journey, just imagine what else we might see.