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Feeding the Future

People Who Eat Breakfast Are Smarter And Skinnier

This infographic makes incredibly clear the multiple benefits of a morning meal: a faster brain and better eating habits throughout the day.

How are you doing at work today? If you answered: Super productive, then we’re guessing you ate breakfast this morning. Yes, yes, Mom always said it was the most important meal of the day, but there has since been a lot of science to back up the old adage. Eating a good breakfast will make you a better, more efficient thinker during the day. And it’s not just about increasing your brainpower. Eating breakfast makes you healthier.

All that and more can be found in this clever, food-filled infographic about breakfast from If you didn’t eat breakfast today, perhaps a look at some statistics can convince you to try it tomorrow. Most importantly, nearly all Americans know that they should eat breakfast. But, still, most of us don’t care. (We can be a stubborn people, it’s true.) In fact, fewer than half of us consume the day’s most important meal.

And why, exactly, should we all eat breakfast? Well, it’s pretty simple: Your brain needs nutrients to function. Making it wait until lunch makes it not work at full power. We all understand this (which is why we know we should eat breakfast), but it can be hard to implement. Here’s some science to help change your behavior:

But forget productivity. What’s at stake is larger than how many emails you returned in the morning. Even if you can manage to muddle through the morning before you eat lunch, by the time you get there, you’re starving, and you’re going to make bad food decisions. People who don’t eat breakfast consistently eat food that is worse for them the rest of the day. You might think that skipping a meal will make you skinnier and healthier. But you’d be wrong. You make up for those lost calories later—and then blast right past them.

So, think about breakfast. The full infographic, which you can see below, has some tips on what best to do (whole grains) and what not to do (sugary treats) for your morning meal. Whatever you do, though, your body—and your boss—will be thanking you if you eat something in the morning.