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The Rail Bike Lets You Glide Along City Trolley Rails

Those metal grooves in the road can be pesky for bikers, but not if you have this special bike, which lets you glide around as if you were on your own private light-rail. Heads up for approaching trains, though.

Light rail lines are a convenient and relatively fast public transportation in many cities (especially in places like San Francisco that have glacier-like bus systems), but they can be dangerous to cyclists—one wrong move and you can accidentally slip into the rails.

The Bahnradbahnrad rail bike, created by the Hamburg, Germany art collective We Are Visual, is equipped with wheels that nestle comfortably into the grooves of the track, as well as mildly embarrassing training wheels that keep the rider upright.

As Pop Up City points out, the rail bike could be temporary solution in cities that lack extensive bike lanes. But of course, We Are Visual would have to manufacture the product first.