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Isabella Rossellini In A Bee Costume Stars In Trippy Videos About Colony Collapse Disorder

The actress is no stranger to portraying insects on film, but these videos—made with Burt’s Bees—might be the weirdest bug-based art she’s produced yet.

Actress Isabella Rossellini has become an unlikely expert on insect seduction and sex with her series Green Porno, where she dresses up as insects like dragonflies and earthworms to tell their stories. Now Rossellini has teamed up with Burt’s Bees to teach us about bees and colony collapse disorder—a phenomenon where worker bees disappear from their hives—by dressing up as a bee and participating in a series of weird but compelling short videos, as she so often does.

The video at top doesn’t go into detail about colony collapse disorder—rather, it explains the importance of pollination and how bees decide to migrate to new colonies. The video about queen bees, shown directly above, explains the problem further.

The larger Burt’s Bees campaign, dubbed Wild For Bees, attempts to educate readers about the country’s disappearing bees, which we have written about a number of times. We’re guessing no one can do it better than Rossellini.