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Beautiful Photos Of Tree Rings Remind Us To Slow Down A Little

See the passage of time encoded into trees’ very makeup and take a little break from your fast-paced day.

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With a cell phone in every pocket and a watch on every wrist, it’s hard not to notice the passing of time. We’ve developed into a society obsessed with speed, up-to-the-minute updates, and instant gratification. Meanwhile, around us, the universe plods on, unconcerned with humanity’s small blip of nervous energy.

There have been many projects that attempt to get us to unshackle ourselves from a fixation on nowness and just slow down. There is this seasonal clock, which slowly changes as the year passes, or the clock of the Long Now, which is being made to last for thousands of years, slowly keeping track of time frames much longer than we are accustomed to in the age of Twitter.

A new book, Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill (Princeton Architectural Press), can help put you in this mindset. Featuring prints of slices of trees, Nash’s work shows the slow passage of time as recorded by these arboreal time pieces. We’ve included a few photos from the book here. Pause for a moment and take a deep breath.

Squiggly line: This post is via Brain Pickings.