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50 Years Of American Tornadoes, Glowing Fiendishly

This nifty map shows every twister that’s landed in the U.S. since 1956.

50 Years Of American Tornadoes, Glowing Fiendishly

Tornado season is just beginning. If that scares you, you might want to check out this map to make sure you stay in tornado-free zones.

Made by John Nelson with data from NOAA, the map shows every tornado as a line, which marks the path of the storm. The brightness of the lines corresponds to each twister’s Fujita scale, which is one way of measuring how intense it is.

Click to zoom.

As you can see, staying in the western part of the country is probably your safest bet if you want to avoid being swept away like Dorothy. And, given how tornadoes are becoming more frequent and more deadly, that might be the wisest course of action. Just stay alert for earthquakes.