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Unreasonables, Episode 2: Dispelling InVenture's Assumptions

Getting investors to give money to a fledgling social venture isn’t easy, InVenture’s CEO learns in this episode about this year’s Unreasonable Institute. You have to be willing to be more vulnerable and flexible than you want to be.

Last time on The Unreasonables, we met Shivani Siroya, the CEO of InVenture, a company that provides microfinance to the smallest of businesses in the developing world. In this video, watch as Siroya attends the Unreasonable Institute, where InVenture gets put through the ringer by successful social entrepreneurs and investors, including Co.Exist contributor Jigar Shah.

The questions Siroya faces force her to be willing to let InVenture adapt and change in response to her time at the Institute, but also leave her venture stronger than when she began. As she says: "If you can let people in on the fact that you’re really learning as you go, you’re almost shown as a better entrepreneur. You’re showing someone that you’re a nimble organization that’s going to be flexible and adjustable to any challenges you’re facing."

This is the second video in The Unreasonables, a series tracking the participants in the most recent Unreasonable Institute. To see what’s coming up, watch a preview of the whole season and see a list of all the episodes here.