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Unreasonables, Episode 1: InVenture Goes Big On Microfinance For Micro Businesses

In the first episode of our series about this year’s Unreasonable Institute, we meet the head of a company trying to find ways to get investment money to businesses in the developing world that are so tiny they often don’t even register as businesses at all.

Shivani Siroya is the founder and CEO of InVenture, an organization that is trying to shake up the microfinance industry by giving loans to tiny businesses in the developing world. These micro companies are hard to value and hard to plot growth for, but InVenture hopes to find ways to give them the cash they need to expand.

Today, learn a little bit more about InVenture, and on Thursday, see what happens when Siroya takes the company’s model through the gauntlet of advisers and mentors at the Unreasonable Institute, an accelerator for social entrepreneurs.

This is the first video in The Unreasonables, a series tracking the participants in the most recent Unreasonable Institute. To see what’s coming up, watch a preview of the whole season.