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The Best Thing About Plant-Based, Compostable Cups: You're Not Drinking Oil

Ads for a new compostable cup want you to know exactly what you’re drinking out of.

Sometimes, the best way to highlight a problem is to present it in grotesque visual terms. Case in point: this pair of ads from Repurpose Compostables. The ads are touting Repurpose’s insulated, plant-based compostable cups, which purportedly require 65% less CO2 in production than traditional cups and compost in 90 days (assuming you don’t throw the cups in the trash). As the ads note, most cups are petroleum-based.

Repurpose’s cup has been suggested as a solution to Starbucks’ environmentally friendly coffee cup woes, and it just launched at Bed Bath and Beyond—making it easy for all of us to opt out of petroleum-based cups. And if you don’t think that’s a good idea, well, just watch the videos.