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A Working Version Of A DIY Bike Lane, Projected From Your Sweet Ride

If your city isn't going to install bike lanes, make one yourself.

A Working Version Of A DIY Bike Lane, Projected From Your Sweet Ride

While cities are adding plenty of bike infrastructure, it's still fundamentally dangerous to hop on your bike and commute in any urban center, especially in places where there isn't a bike lane to give cars at least some semblance of an idea of where they should drive relative to where you are biking. But a new solution from the Czech Republic (more art project than startup, really) creates your own bike lane for you, instead of waiting for the city to come and do it:

The project, called Safety First, is by Vladimir Walker. It projects a (very narrow) bike lane as well as a blinking bike icon in front of the bike, giving city bikers a little space to themselves on even the most bike-unfriendly street. Though while this is great for errant pedestrians who wander in front of you, hopefully the next iteration will also project the bike lane behind you, so that cars gaining on bikers from the rear see the bike lane surrounding them. That rear-facing projected bike lane was the idea behind LightLane, a much-heralded project from 2009 that seems to have gained no traction despite becoming a major Internet hit and getting from concept to prototype stage.

How much defense you would have in claiming you were biking in a bike lane of your own invention remains a question, but there is clearly a market for a glowing bike lane you carry with you. Someone simply needs to deploy it to let the cash start rolling in.

[Hat tip: Rebel Art, via Animal New York]

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