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Fracking and Poisonous Tap Water Now Officially Linked: Let's Light It On Fire

In celebration of science proving the obvious, a video collection of flaming tap water around the country.

If you've seen the Oscar-nominated documentary GasLand, or heard anything about fracking in the last few years, you know that it can have horrible effects on the drinking water near where gas wells are drilled. The response from gas companies (and, sadly, the government) has been that simple proximity between the new well and the newly bad water does not constitute evidence that the gas well and the bad water are linked.

But a new study has found that, not so shockingly, they are. When you drill a gas well on someone's property and then their water becomes poisonous and flammable, it's the gas well's fault. In honor of this new proof, here is a collection of people lighting their tap water on fire. It's the one cool part of having gas-contaminated water—but generally not a good sign that your water is safe to drink:

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