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Those pop and lock lessons you took a few years ago might not have improved your dating situation, but they can, it turns out, save the planet.

Earlier this month, nearly 1,400 party people at San Francisco's Temple Nightclub bumped and ground their eco-booties on a sustainable dance floor, generating 480 watts of continuous power over 10 hours, reports Treehugger.

Once a dancer steps on the special floor, the surface compresses 10 millimeters, activating an internal generator, according to the Thin Green Line, the San Francisco Chronicle's environmental-blog.

"We want to change the world while we have a party," said Michel Smit, General Manager of Sustainable Dance Club, a Dutch organization that provided Temple Nightclub with the energy-capturing floor panels.

The weekend extravaganza was the culmination of years of collaboration between the two eco-friendly party groups.

"After dreaming about it for five years, it was exciting to see it manifest within the space. It was integral to my original vision to have the dance floor powered by the dancing patrons," said Paul Hemming, owner and founder of Temple Nightclub.

Energy-capturing dancing is only one of the club's eco-initiatives, reports Treehugger:

Its other green initiatives have included a rooftop garden, beehive, and rooftop composting of the restaurant's food scraps. The nightclub has a landfill diversion rate of 89 percent.

"Many of our sustainability initiatives happen behind the scenes or on the roof; so they don't get noticed by our clubbing crowd," said Mike Zuckerman, Temple's Director of Sustainability. "The dance floor was front and center and a visible articulation of a sustainable nightclub. Composting just isn't as sexy as generating energy while you dance."

TakePart HQ loves the idea of moon-walking to generate power, but don't count on the technology, at least in its current form, to lower our dependence on foreign oil.

According to the San Francisco Business Times, three hours of dancing on the special floor would produce 1,440 watt-hours of power. That's roughly enough to run your dishwasher for an hour.

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