Johnny Dronehunter will defend your privacy with a giant shotgun:



Don't Want Drones In Your Space? Johnny Dronehunter Will Shoot Them Down For You

A Utah company is marketing its shotgun silencer through a fictional metalhead who shoots down drones for a living.

The Federal Aviation Administration may still be figuring out how to politely negotiate with commercial drones in the airspace, but goateed metalhead Johnny Dronehunter doesn't wait for rules, man. Nah. He'd prefer to shoot down drones with a giant silencer he's selling for gun accessory company SilencerCo.

Note: He is also a Defender of Privacy.

According to Vice's Motherboard, which found Utah-based SilencerCo's first Johnny Dronehunter video, the company created the Defender of Privacy character in response to concerns over drone-based surveillance. "We created Johnny Dronehunter and intend to continue a series of videos in this vein with him as the main character to represent the Americans who feel they don't have an appropriate voice in this privacy debate," CEO Josh Waldron told Motherboard.

That appropriate voice in the privacy debate is apparently the same kind that hates wearing shirts under leather vests and loves shooting up a sky full of quadrocopters as if they were clay pigeons. His Salvo 12, a stainless steel and aluminum shotgun suppressor, goes for a suggested retail price of $1,400.

But is Johnny's beef with commercial surveillance? Is it with government surveillance? Why isn't he shooting up CCTV cameras or Facebook's facial recognition algorithms? For a Defender of Privacy, Johnny's motivations remain frustratingly unclear. Mostly, it seems Johnny is just mad at the kind of drones most likely to be operated by techie dads in their backyards.

Maybe that reasoning will become more refined as SilencerCo rolls out more Johnny Dronehunter videos. But in real life, shooting down drones with lots of flying parts is not a great idea, according to the FAA. The agency had to make this salient point after some residents of the tiny town of Deer Trail, Colorado, tried (and failed) to pass an ordinance that would have issued open season on unmanned aerial vehicles.

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  • Stephen Rescsanski Jr

    It is idiotic ads of this type that gives gun owners the willies. Use a shotgun in the city to shoot down a drone. STUPID AD . shows hot head reaction - don't like, shot it !! This is what gives ammo to anti-gun groups and youngsters the wrong message. Use the gun at a skeet shot - saves the ears of the person next to you. In the field, less likely to scare rest of flock/game in the area. THOSE WOULD BE SENSIBLE ADS.

  • I'm still waiting for the combat drone killer to hit the market. Drone against drone brings model airplane flying to a whole new level. There are thousands of experienced model aircraft pilots who will love the challenge. Ever been to a model airplane dogfight? Awesome!

  • Stephen Rescsanski Jr

    Try control line combat events where you clip the streamer. You seem to be saying a take down event with RC shooting pellets that could hit watchers etc . RC cutting streamers is quite different and sometimes leads to mid airs where both are losers.