Instead of computers programming kids, these kids learn to program computers:
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These Adorable Kids Are The World's Next Programmers

"Most of educational tech has computers programming the kids. We’re trying to create a system where the kids program the computers."

The creators of Hopscotch want to turn educational tech on its head by having kids teach computers, rather than the other way around. Hopscotch's mobile programming language encourages kids to develop interest in creating games—and eventually to become part of the much-needed future programming workforce.

"If you ask a kid, 'Hey do you want to learn how to program a computer?' you’ll get a lot of eye-rolling. But if you’re like, 'Hey, would you like to build your own game?' that is what gets kids excited," says Jocelyn Leavitt, cofounder and CEO.

Watch the video above to see how kids create their own games on their mobile devices.

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  • Why did Apple design the iPad to be a hand-held device--cozy in the laps of kids--and then tuck away in its safety information instructions the pertinent information that parents might like to know before letting their kids spend hours holding it on their bodies: that 'to be sure that human exposure to RF energy does not exceed the FCC, IC, or European Union guidelines…orient the device away from your body.' ? I think that is negligent.

  • Aarón C de C

    Let's see their faces when someone tell them about C, pointers, data structures, memory management, graphics programming, Direct X / Open GL, all the complex maths involving these, network engineering, etc.