Say Goodbye To The Car Wash With This Self-Cleaning Car
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Say Goodbye To The Car Wash With This Self-Cleaning Car

Nissan's self-cleaning paint could end the era of car scrubbing.

The consequences of a brutal, snowy winter in much of the U.S. are revealing themselves well into the spring. It’s the worst pothole season in recent memory.

Another mark of winters’ toll? Incredibly dirty cars cruising the roads, unabashed in their filthiness.

Nissan is now testing a self-cleaning paint technology that would be a boon for those too lazy among us to scrub our cars. The paint coating, which repels mud, rain, and everyday dirt, has been applied to a test model of the Nissan Note, a car only sold in Europe. Engineers will be testing it this year under different conditions.

In a press release, the company says there aren’t current plans to apply the coating as standard, but it could be an aftermarket option.

It does a pretty convincing job in the Nissan-produced video above, an automotive version of one of those juice-stain carpet-cleaner ads.

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