Can A First-Person Shooter Game Be Successful Without All The Shooting?
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Can A First-Person Shooter Game Be Successful Without All The Shooting?

MyDream is a classic video game that's missing one thing: all the killing.

While games like Grand Theft Auto continue to break record high sales, Allison Huynh, CEO of MyDream, an ambitious 3-D multiplayer sandbox game (For PC, Mac, and Linux), hopes to create a first-person shooter game, as she openly refers to it, that doesn't relying on actually shooting anyone. MyDream combines sandbox, RPG, and adventure game genres, and allows players to experience unlimited, user-created adventures that promote skills such as creativity and collaboration instead of victory through violence. Users can solve puzzles, create new characters and landscapes, and edit every part of the game world.

"We debate whether to add in more violence all the time to make it more addictive, because that is a well-known formula, but I think it’s important to keep true to our vision." says Huynh.

Having just surpassed their Kickstarter goal of $100,000 they have the support of a community who wants to see games with a stronger moral message. The game is currently in beta testing and by invitation only.

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  • Jon Irwin

    the fact that there exists several first person shooters that do not involve any actual weapons, makes the title of this article moronic. For those who disagree, portal is an FPS and features no weapons used by the player.

  • I disagree. While Portal is from a first person perspective and you shoot portals with a portal gun, that doesn't make it FPS. We're so used to labeling games so generically, we don't even stop to think what the words actually mean. What makes the title "moronic" is actually asking if you can swim without all the swimming, when in fact Tony should have asked if you can swim without getting wet, which can be possible.

  • "Moronic" is a bit hyperbolic. For every Portal game, you can find 100 games with a huge kill count.

    The title is actually appropriate; FPS games that don't involve heavy body counts are incredibly rare. Bringing up a game with a huge budget, published in-house, and using award-winning writers and voice actors as a comparison isn't a substantiated rebuttal.

  • Luke Hill

    This game wouldn't look good with graphics that are too realistic because it is a sandbox game. Changes players make wouldn't mesh very well (even if those changes had the same high level of graphics) with the environment and it would just look weird.

  • Chad Edward Smisek

    First off by seeing this, this is not a "First Person Shooter" You need some sort of weapon to make it a shooter. Second, does she not know what Minecraft is? Minecraft probably topped The Sims sales and I haven't seen anyone play The Sims for a good 5 years. The only way you are going to get an average gaming kid to play a game is if it has a few things: 1.Sandbox 2.Enemies

  • "First-person shooters are a type of three-dimensional shooter game, featuring a first-person point of view with which the player sees the action through the eyes of the player character."

    I would bet you my life savings that she does know Minecraft, and that this game is an attempt to edge in on the huge market that Minecraft has.

    I don't mean that in a negative way; it is just how making things works. When people develop games, make music, or produce films, they usually do know about other popular works in their genre, and they usually are trying to edge in on them. That's part of creating commercially viable work.

    It is a little patronizing that you assume that this developer wouldn't know what Minecraft is, and your assumption doesn't make any real sense. Why would you assume she didn't know what Minecraft was?

  • Jon Irwin

    actually in order to make it a first person shooter it has to be in first person and you need to shoot something, doesnt need to be a weapon. Portal is a first person shooter

  • Mike Lynch

    I'm not sure where this first person shooter description came from in the article... it certainly isn't a first person shooter and the video didn't mention that at all.

    Also, it certainly takes elements of Minecraft but expands on them. Updated graphics are certainly nice and editable terrain is sweet. This article doesn't touch on it at all but creating quests for others to do and a leveling system is awesome too. I also really like that user's don't have to host their own servers.

  • Well, I don't think Oxford or Webster have yet defined "First Person Shooter", but the broad consensus allows this: "First-person shooters are a type of three-dimensional shooter game, featuring a first-person point of view with which the player sees the action through the eyes of the player character."

    As such, the author is probably calling it a FPS because it meets the broadest definition of one; the game is played in first person, and you 'shoot' energy that terraforms and transforms the land around you.

  • Is this differentated enough for you? :

    "How is this different from Minecraft and other games? Imagine how easy it is to craft and build in Minecraft and how beautiful and Zen-like the environment and gameplay is in Journey. Now put that in an adventure RPG and you have MyDream. People ask what is different and our unique twist? We have an alpha/beta where you can log in and see our vast library of decorating and building materials, whether its terracotta tiles, pre-Columbian artifacts or Hellenistic columns. We have created a construction game beyond blocks-- with a realistic environmental system. After the creative mode, we are planning to have a very dynamic game play system. Who you think is your enemy may be your closest ally. But how do you train a seemingly scary "monster" to help you on your quest? That's is a true mystery you will need to uncover."