We're Looking For More World Changing Ideas

We've got our picks for the ideas, companies, and people we think will impact our lives in the next 12 months--now we want yours. Got a great idea, or know someone who does? Tweet it to @FastCompany with the hashtag #FCideas--we're featuring your submissions right here! These suggestions will serve as the basis for more World Changing Ideas features in the future.

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  • Ken Kinkel

    How about worldwide digital languages & communications for 7.1 Billion. Today only 2.7 Billion can get to the Internet, but here is the solution, see www.corpma.com at #1 and #2.

    This Company is under a 30 day stand-still with a processional investment team that we are proud as they want to expand this freedom to all and as fast as possible, just like us!