Instead Of A Digital Detox, Why Not Take A Weekly Tech Shabbat?

Extreme "unplugging" is kind of a fad, but who can afford to cut off their Internet for weeks on end? Try it just one day a week.

In the past few years, the digital detox--a break for a fixed amount of time from cell phones, laptops, and all the other electronics that hog our brain capacity--has become trendy. There are digital detox summer camps, evening parties, and pricey retreats. But shelling out $400 for a weekend of disconnecting with other tech addicts is a bit extreme. Instead, why not try just taking a 24-hour break from electronics once a week?

Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, perhaps best known her film Connected and for founding the Webby Awards, goes without electronics from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday every week--a kind of Tech Shabbat (Friday evening to Saturday evening is a Jewish day of rest, known as Shabbat). Her whole family takes the time with her. She says it turns every weekend into a mini-vacation and prevents the technology fatigue that's so ever-present among those of us who spend all day in front of screens.

In a video from her new short video series, The Future Starts Here, Tiffany explains the value of taking some time every week away from gadgets.

Worth a try, right?

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