The winner of 99Design's contest to rebrand the Redskins, by 99Design user Mixaurus.

The runner up. The Redtails, suggested by a D.C. city councilman, would commemorate the Tuskeegee airmen. By 99Design user mbingcrosby.

The Washington Generals, by 99Design user Tlechleiter.

Another take on the Washington Warriors, by 99Design user levimdesign.

The Griffins (the team's quarterback is currently named Griffin), by 99Design user k.bakkalar.

More Washington Warriors, by 99Design user Scribe.



Rebranding The Redskins With These New Team Logos

The results of a design contest to find a new identity for Washington's offensively named football team show what a future team might look like.

The clamor surrounding the name of Washington, DC's football team is growing by the day. Many news organizations now refuse to print the name (it's the Redskins), and even the President has weighed in against it. The team's ownership has given absolutely no indication that it will ever change its name, but if it did, it now has some options.

99Design user mbingcrosby.

99Designs, a "marketplace for online design contests" has posted the results of a contest asking people to create a new name and branding for the team. Given the name options of "Warriors," "Renegades," and "Griffins" (plus a few outliers), the contest came up a wide variety of options, all of which would be not offensive at all, as compared to incredibly offensive. We've included some of our favorites, including the winner and runner-up, in the slideshow above.

99Design user Tlechleiter.

Now that owner Dan Snyder has seen some comps, maybe he'll soften his stance on changing the name. Many commentators have noted that a name change would allow him to make a lot of money selling new team paraphernalia. Now we know what that might look like.

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  • mikesty

    Yeah I honestly really like the Washington Generals name & that logo a lot. Cool logo and a good name. They should just do this anyway because they're such a bad team, maybe a rebranding is needed....

  • jring281

    What's really offensive is the way Obama's Bureau of Indian Affairs treats their prisoners. Obama should weigh-in on that instead of telling us how to live. And Morgan better keep his editor job because his 'branding' talent would put him on food stamps.

  • Chuck Snow

    Is this really the most pressing distraction the President has on his agenda? Seems like the only people "offended" by the name are those who feel obligated to butt their noses in places they do not belong...

    And as for the article's intro, don't you feel it's a bit like leading the witness with an opening that refers to "Washington's offensively named football team"?

  • CharlesNKY

    Aren't the Washington Generals the team that always loses to the Harlem Globetrotters?

  • RGSpore

    I remember when Homer Simpson went to a reservation and tried to save them with the Bible ..that didn't work so he taught them how to gamble and make booze. Huge success! No one was offended.

  • Tim A.K. O'Leary

    Kiss my ass. Football is offensive. That's why there are other sports. Go watch them. The owners don't need the freakin money from libs. Watch tennis, golf, track and field, Polo. For God's sake leave us the hell alone.

  • Person of Indian Heritage

    So I would ascertain from your statement and your last name that you would be fine with the Muckers or Paddys! Same equivalent. And if you are not of Irish background, then insert similar name for your particular heritage. If you are and are not offended by those terms, you might want to research your heritage.

  • Greg

    The Washington Generals ain't gonna happen, unless Dan Snyder wants to be associated with the Harlem Globetrotters' hapless rivals who are also known as the Washington Generals

  • Ben

    Washington Generals? Huh... *Sarcasm Warning* Yes, let's take away the Redskins moniker and re-name the team for the people who LITEALLY killed thousands upon thousands of Native Americans, and displaced what few Indians they left alive to live out their days on reservations, all so they could rape the land and get some really good tobacco for their pipes. Great idea.