These Beautiful Bracelets Were Made From Guns Taken From City Streets

Liberty United melts down the guns confiscated by police departments and turns them into beautiful jewelry that's also a reminder of our country's gun violence problem.

Last year, Philadelphia police took 3,400 guns off the streets. Those guns—some of which were used to commit the city's 331 murders last year—sit peacefully in bins in the police department. Normally, they would be destroyed, and the bins would then slowly fill up again. But a company called Liberty United is doing something different with these reminders of our society's violence: turning them into jewelry.

"These pieces are sort of an invitation to say that this is one way that you can express what you think about gun violence in this country and reducing it," says Liberty United's founder, Peter Thum. Thum, who founded Ethos Water, has been making art from guns for a long time with his company Fonderie 47, which takes guns from child soldiers in Africa and turns them into jewelry.

But Liberty United's pieces come with a smaller price tag and focus on an issue closer to home (Snoop Dogg is working on a similar project). Each item has the gun's serial number still imprinted on it, as well as the words "Remade In The United States." As Philip Crangi, a jewlery designer, says: "I make things, and if I can combine that with this idea of the actual material that we use used to be an implement of violence and now it's a thing of beauty, that's where I can fit into the story." A world with fewer guns and more jewelry seems like one we can all get behind.

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  • Aldo Leupold

    What a waste of perfectly good guns, turning them into poorly finished fugly bent nails.. Oh well, you ruined 3,400, that means there are only 299,996,600 still in private hands! Go you!

  • Leeland Warren

    Will they still deter a mugger or a rapist or worse?
    It's not a gun violence problem, it's a wacko people problem I notice that knives are getting popular with killers these days. Going to cope with that, whiners?

  • Almatrice Battle

    Dumb Idea. I wouldn't wear anything that was used to commit a crime or kill someone. That is just wrong~~~Some people will do anything for a dollar!

  • Gary Persons

    If a gun was bought legally and then stolen and used in a crime, then criminal was caught and the police have a legal gun why isn't it returned to it's legal owner instead of being destroyed?

  • Myra F Williams

    The best way to prevent the violence would be to have the punishment suit the crime. not just give them a slap on the hand that pulled the trigger and send them on their way to do it again.

  • Luke Hill

    The best way to prevent the violence would be to have the punishment be one that has proven to prevent criminals from repeating their crime. This may or may not be the same as what you suggested but is more accurate and an approach that is more possible now than it used to be.

  • Bruno Schnauzer

    Great Idea, Horrible Looking. Don't confuse a great idea and good looking end product.

  • Jan Van Dusen

    Great idea, but the jewelry needs to be PRETTY. The jewelry pictured isn't.

  • Cori Zook

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What may look not pretty to you, may look absolutely gorgeous to another. I personally hate the look of yellow and rose gold, it's not for me, but looks amazing on others. Where as I stick to platinum, white gold, and silver, it's what works for me.

  • Norm Frey

    And they shall beat their plowshares into SWORDS, so that no socialist may seize the fruits of their labors, and that they might smote all that would try.

  • Aldo Leupold

    Right, cause no gun ever is made of stainless steel, or has brass fittings... Read a book.