Boosted Boards Amps Up Skateboards With Some Motor Power

This lightweight electric-powered deck goes 20 mph, and is hoping to attract more than just lazy longboarders. The company wants to help commuters speed up the process of that last trek from public transit to their house.

Imagine a skateboard powered not just by your leg, but by an engine big enough to power it to speeds you might more likely see on a car’s speedometer. Sure, it’s not quite the hoverboard from Back To The Future, but the guys behind Boosted Boards have achieved a board that can get you places faster. Their hope is that it will be more than just the next step for skateboarding enthusiasts, but will instead become a viable way of getting around.

"Our vision for this is, 'Can you build more sustainable transportation in general that appeals to a larger and more global client?'" says Sanjay Dastoor, co-founder of Boosted. The 12-pound boards can go up to 20 mph (a self-imposed ceiling they created for safety reasons) and cover a distance of approximately six miles on a full charge. And while it is motorized, they have kept it so that the ride stays true to the boarding experience.

Now, they believe the vehicle can help fill the void of what they call "the last mile problem" which is when you arrive at your bus or train station, but still have a small ways to go to get to your final destination. They see the handy Boosted Board as a potential solution. But at a cost of $1,299, it’s an expensive last mile. Time will tell just how cost-effective consumers find it to bridge that one mile gap.

But even that non-skating use is just the beginning of a larger vision. As Boosted co-founder Matt Tran explains, "further along, there’s obviously more accessible types of vehicles that you can build for our moms, or just for the more general population that’s not into the board-sport experience."

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  • Chris Baccus

    I live a couple miles from a public light rail train and recently bought an electric skateboard just for this use. I'm still waiting for it to arrive but found the portability of a board more appealing than an electric bike or a scooter. So some of us are doing just this with this type of product. Bonus: one less car on the LA freeway too!

  • jonbaker

    I am intrigued by  E-Boards.com they seem to have created something we have all been waiting for. Lighter than Boosted, longer range but not so fast - but then again I wouldn't fancy falling off a board at 20 mph !

  • Margit Parkinson

    Not sure what all the hype is about. I have been riding a FIIK Electric skateboard for about 5 years. I have 2 the Big Daddy, and now the new Rager. I keep going back to the Big Daddy as I can rip off road, I just love it. If you have for a need for a board, I would check out fiik.com before you get on some waiting list.

  • Guest

    It doesn't seem worth it if you ask me. For the same price someone could just buy a variety of different motorized methods of transportation that while you cant take on a bus are certainly geared for short distances. It is an amazing idea though if I wasn't a broke boarder I'd get one for sure.