Inspired by the barrage of racism that ensued after Cheerios featured an ad with an interracial couple, We Are The 15 Percent is a Tumblr devoted to documenting America’s interracial families.

Fifteen percent is, of course, the number of interracial marriages there are in the U.S.

The site posts photographs, submitted by readers.

They’re not amazing photographs--just snapshots and family portraits of typical families doing typical family things.

Which is, of course, the point.

To remind everyone that the family in the Cheerios ad is typical.

And to inspire kids growing up in interracial households, to let them know they’re part of a larger community.

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YouTube Racists Inspire This Interracial Family Tumblr

A response to a flood of hateful comments about a Cheerios ad featuring an interracial family, We Are the 15 Percent is a heartening Tumblr featuring reader-submitted photos of their own interracial families.

The surest way to shatter your sunny view of American culture is to spend some time swimming in the cesspool of YouTube comments. So when a typically sentimental Cheerios commercial featured a white mom and a black dad, it wasn’t surprising that a flood of ugly, racist drivel followed.

"It was disheartening, but predictable," Michael David Murphy and his wife Alyson West told me in an email. But Murphy and West knew, or at least hoped, that the Internet could be harnessed for good as well as for evil. They started a Tumblr.

It’s called "We Are the 15 Percent", named after the 15% of new marriages, including Murphy and West’s own, that are interracial. The site posts photographs, submitted by readers, of their interracial families.

They’re not amazing photographs—just snapshots and family portraits of typical families doing typical family things, like graduating and preparing to go indoor skydiving.

Which is, of course, the point: to remind everyone that the family in the Cheerios ad is typical. Murphy and West say the most touching responses to this message have been from kids growing up in interracial households. "They write and tell us how the site makes them feel they’re part of a wider community—that they’re not so different after all. We hope that, when she’s old enough, our own daughter might appreciate the site in the same way."

While the Cheerios ad and its backlash are already being forgotten, Murphy and West say they are committed to keeping the website going: "As the number of photographs grows (well over 2,000 submissions now) it feels like we’re stewards of an active, living photographic archive of the new American family, one of real significance."

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  • David Mead

    A friend of mine asked me to view this ad and what I thought. I thought the little girl was adorable and pouring the Cheerios over her Dad was very funny and sweet because she wanted to make sure he was being healthy. My only negative was that I don't like Cheerios because they make me feel bloated. He asked if I had noticed the parents and of course I had thought the Mom was sweet to her daughter and the Dad was taking a nap. I had to watch it for the third time after I was told that they were an inter-racial couple to even notice. I can't believe that in 2013 with all the things that have been endured in the past that this would even BE a point of such hatred from people. Makes me feel sad for all those people that can't accept today and want to go back to the terrible days of segregation and laws against people loving each other. Hopefully, the children will know better and asl the song goes, teach their parents well.