This is the Zombie Ex-Girlfriend target. A video of Zombie Industries demoing the target talks about the ammo with which “we killed this bitch” and admits: “It’s not our best video, but it’s still funny!”

Those who find the girlfriend “joke” unfunny point out that one out of every three women who is murdered is killed by an intimate partner.

Zombie Industries also made this other outrage inducing target that looks a lot like a certain president.

After a petition rapidly acquired more than 50,000 signatures, “The Ex” disappeared from

She’s now being re-sold with a different back story, to make shooting her more appealing.



What Happens When A Gun Acessories Company Makes Bleeding Ex-Girlfriend Shooting Target

The makers of an also controversial Obama-esque target found themselves the subject of serious outrage again when they started excitedly selling the idea of blowing away your (undead) ex-girlfriend.

A company that makes zombie-themed shooting targets found themselves in a real-world controversy this week, for selling a bleeding zombie mannequin that looked like Barack Obama and another bleeding zombie mannequin of a scantily clad woman called "The Ex."

The reaction to Zombie Industries’ Obama-lookalike was more immediate (like being pulled from the NRA convention floor), but the reaction to "The Ex" has been more sustained. For a taste of what makes "The Ex" unsettling, look no further than Zombie Industries’ official YouTube video: "Killing some ‘Ex Girlfriend’ Zombies."

The video description talks about the ammo with which "we killed this bitch" and admits: "It’s not our best video, but it’s still funny!"

Those who find the "joke" unfunny point out that one out of every three women who is murdered is killed by an intimate partner, a ratio that rises when you look only at gun homicides.

Women’s rights group UltraViolet put forward a petition, calling on Amazon to stop selling "The Ex":

Gun violence against women is a serious problem. But "The Ex" shooting target turns violence against women into a joke and promotes the idea that men should want to kill their ex-wives or ex-girlfriends.

It rapidly acquired more than 50,000 signatures, and "The Ex" disappeared from A message sent by Amazon customer service said "our site has banned this product now."

Zombie Industries was faced with a quandary: apologize and recall "The Ex" or double down and reap the benefits of negative attention. So far, they have chosen a mix of neither and both.

On the one hand, they issued a jokey non-apology apology: "Zombie Industries is sorry if anyone takes offense to any of our products, but we also have a responsibility to our customers to provide the best possible products to help them prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse."

On the other hand, while they continue sell the doll itself, they changed its name from "The Ex" to "Alexa" and gave it a new storyline. No longer is she an embittered ex-girlfriend. Now she is a home-wrecker.

She had a wicked mean streak in her and was known for her nasty disposition, especially if she had been drinking. She also happened to be in love with a young man, but there was a slight problem.. he was married to another women. When he told her that he loved his wife and could never be unfaithful to her, Alexa became enraged. She decided to seek the help of a local tarot card & palm reader who also dabbled in Voodoo.

Like zombies themselves, the female-stereotype-as-shooting-target cannot be killed so easily.

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  • denouemen

    Why do people care what ignorant rednecks think and do--just let them rot in their own stupidity.

  • Axehandle

    pretty much sums up the attitude that right wing gun lovers have about women.

  • MissStyle91

    Proooooobably worth pointing out that they sold the original, MALE zombie target for quite a while before introducing other zombies, including women. I guess when you're shooting up a guy, it's okay. 

    Or, you know, it's fun with zombies.

    No, no, you're right, it's probably misogyny. 

  • noneyo_getit_0011232

     The issue at hand if you read the article is that the name of the target was "the Ex".

    If people are determined to use their first amendment rights to be complete dicks we don't really have the power to stop them.

    However we can speak for ourselves and I think this is exactly the kind of attitude that leads SOME people to buy a gun so they can feel empowered compared to people who consider violence to be bad, and have enough respect for human life to not put it at risk.

    The whole point of not having tons of weapons everywhere is that it is much much harder to kill someone, statistically and anatomically. 

  • TheCur13

    I'm pro gun ownership, but it's crap like this that makes me think I might be wrong.

  • grayjohn

     Targets have nothing to do with gun owners as a whole.  The company that made this is staffed and run by morons or anti gunners.  I, not any gun owner I know, would buy or use anything that stupid.
    I can't think of a range that would allow them.

  • Seamus

    Pretty ingenious to me...the gun community has always been a little rebellious, what's the problem here??

  • Hugh J

    Sad, tasteless and unfunny....but is it free speech? I think it is.  You have to let it go.

  • noneyo_getit_0011232

     My thoughts exactly.

    I am anti-gun-ownership but I really find it annoying when either side hears "free speech" and forgets it applies to everyone.

  • deadexec

     If women's groups had no problem with the Maplethorpe "Piss-Christ" exhibit, why should they care about this? Where was the outrage? Free speech was ok when it was trashing someone else's values, but suddenly, it's no longer ok?