This infographic shows the amount of money various professions (and certain professionals) make in a minute. These are the earnings after five seconds.

After 30 seconds.

After 45 seconds.

After one minute.


Watch Income Inequality In Real Time, As ExxonMobil's CEO Out Earns You By A Lot

How much more money does a doctor make than a minimum wage earner? What about Kobe Bryant? This infographic shows the vast disparities in America’s wages.

While record corporate profits during an economic downtown and Occupy rhetoric may have put the spotlight on the growing problem of income inequality in America, an excellent infographic by CNN allows you to visualize what that actually looks like in real time.

Over the course of one minute, the salaries of NBA-star Kobe Bryant, a minimum wage worker, a teacher, a doctor, President Obama, and Exxon Mobil-CEO Rex Tillerson are compared side by side. The differences are staggering: not just between Bryant, who earns more than $30 million per year, and the minimum-wage worker, but between the professional classes as well.

Every five seconds, Bryant makes another $14, as opposed to the $10 or so dollars a minimum wage worker would make in two hours. In 15 seconds, Tillerson has earned close to $5 (not counting stock or bonuses, of course). A general practitioner, on the other hand, has earned a mere 34 cents. And your mom wanted you to be a doctor.

After 30 seconds, Kobe Bryant has made more than $80, while a teacher has just made 21 cents—that’s .2% of Bryant’s salary.

After a full minute, an American median wager earner has made about $.27. President Obama makes about $3. Tillerson has made a little less than $20, while Bryant has made a shocking $162. The vast differences in our incomes can become somewhat abstract when you’re talking in terms of annual salaries. But when you see it in terms of the time it took you to read this sentence, perhaps it becomes a little more visceral.

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  • Guest

    Right, why do we value workers, engineer, designers & scientists anyway? After all, what really matters in life are sports, Hollywood movies, CEOs and reality TV.

    Isaac Newton, you should've played basketball or take up finance instead of messing about with physics, math and philosophy.

  • lauren covington

    Well, there's not very many people that have the talent of Kobe Bryant. Premium on that.

  • Sean Breslin

    Exactly, Lauren. He's one of the best basketball players on the planet. The best engineers and designers make a really nice living, too.