Hyperlapse Tool Takes Google Street View For A Ride

Use this new hack of the mapping service to go on a road trip from the comfort of your desk.

Google Street View is a pretty phenomenal invention--a milestone in the history of the Web. Viewing any street in the world (more or less) from your desktop, that’s still something to behold, even in these jaded times. For a bit of awe-making magic, take in this Street View of the Grand Canyon.

And then take a look at the video above. It is thousands of Street Views stitched together to create one big animated Street View, or "hyperlapse." Canadian agency Teehan+Lax has created a whole tool allowing you to make your own adventures. Just plug in two points, and it will do all the stitching for you.

The 60-frame-per-second experience goes best on Chrome, and you’ll need something better than a Pentium II to run it. Teehan+Lax has made the code available here, if you want to play with the parameters. Or you could just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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