Some of the projects featured on Actipiedia’s collection of activist art include the Tactical Ice Cream Truck.

Which combines ice cream with revolutionary knowledge.

Unemployed Man, a book about the jobs crisis.

The "And Babies" poster, a classic piece of protest art.

This video game exposing McDonald’s industrial food system.



An Archive Of Activist Art, For Protests With A Little Culture

Actipedia is a user-generated collection of the best projects that combine the political with the artistic, from revolutionary ice cream trucks to anti-McDonald’s computer games.

Actipedia is a new and expanding archive of activist art, ranging from the deeply serious to the deeply ironic. It is open to anyone with a project to submit and talk about, and curated by the Center For Artistic Activism and the Yes Lab, an offshoot of the well-known Yes Men.

"We wanted to create a resource where you could browse around and see the different ways creative activism is happening, both to inspire people that are making it, but also for people who don’t know this kind of work is out there," says Steve Lambert, of the C.A.A.

You can search across categories such as censorship, or human rights, or just hit the refresh key and watch more entries appear. The 400-plus entries are all user-submitted, with a bit of light editing by the founders.

"If you’re working on a women’s rights project, for instance, you want to know what other people have done," Lambert says. "All creative work is a combination of what came before, and if it’s not easily accessible, it’s harder to make new combinations."

Some of Lambert’s favorites include a McDonald’s videogame, a 16-foot Slot Bot (part of Occupy Wall Street), the Tactical Ice Cream Unit, and And Babies (artwork inspired by the Mai Lai massacre).

A few others we spotted: a project aiming to send a million pairs of panties to House Speaker John Boehner (to protest incursions on women’s reproductive rights), and this Melting Man street exhibit, from Argentina. (There’s a lot more.) Whatever you’re exercised about, there’s likely something for you.

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