Coke's New Ads Will Talk About Obesity

Coca-Cola will begin airing ads on January 14 that will address the fact that drinking too much soda makes you fat. The AP reports that the ads will emphasize the fact that Coke makes products with fewer calories (though these also might make you fat) and that you can get fat from eating too many calories from any source.

One of the ads, which will air during American Idol, uses Coke’s usual positive message:

It features a montage of activities that add up to burning off the "140 happy calories" in a can of Coke: walking a dog, dancing, sharing a laugh with friends and doing a victory dance after bowling a strike.

Why now? Besides the fact that New York’s large soda ban will soon take effect, the soda company also needs people to get a little less concerned about their calorie intake: The AP notes that all growth in the soda industry in the last 15 years has come from low-calorie offerings.

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  • Libra10141991

    Okay...so yes Coke is 'doing something' to ward off consumer concern. And, of course, they're choosing to do 'something' that isn't even based in reality, something created by medical folk and government cronies to soothe the too little too late waking up that Americans have chosen to do.
          You get sick not from 140 calories (or even from a few of those can's worth), but from the syrups, the artificial flavoring, the carbonation, and the heavy metals and fluoride that accompany those empty, hunger inducing calories. Your body swells and tissues begin to collect all the salt and water that they can hold because the toxins set off the alarm system inside of you-your blood sugar sky rockets (even worse when you drink the diet stuff) and you risk insulin resistance-your immune defense weakens-and you crave carbohydrates to stave off the intense hunger that results from drinking the soda in the first place.
    But...sodas are not the only issue here. Fast foods, cheap foods, cheaply made foods, poor quality with high fat content, high table salt (not even real!), cloud high sugar amounts, and so much more that is slipping my mind right now!
    Indulging in sugared teas or any sodas or artificial juice, along with the rest of the s.a.d. diet, is a surefire way to get cancer, diabetes, become hugely obese, get heart disease/s, rotten teeth, become blind............the list goes on and on.
    I suggest eating natural/organic, with low sugar, low fat, little or no dairy/red meat, no vaccines, and high vitamin/mineral intake, lots of exercise and fresh air..meditation and reading..

  • Ash Edwards


    You are one of the few that realize the connection between "shame and guilt" and eating.  Glad to see it!  Still, soda is a problem as it leads to chronically elevated insulin levels which in turn leads to health conditions that range from obesity to cancer.  

  • Peter Coffin

    I'll be honest. That's kind of... really stupid. Soda is not really "the big problem," and this kind of makes it look that way. They are definitely going to hurt their brand here.

    For reference, "the big problem" is not what we eat, but how we approach weight (and almost everything else) with shame and guilt - two things that really do a good job of making people eat in quantity.