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A Vegetable-Growing Factory That Fits In A Parking Space

Your rooftop farm is cute and all, but this garden in a box could be the true solution to growing produce in urban environments.

Short on space but hankering for some fresh vegetables? The $70,000 Agri-Cube might be the answer to your problems. Developed by Japan’s Daiwa House Industry, the parking-space-sized cube can grow leafy greens and root vegetables like turnips and radishes.

The self-contained system comes with a water recycling system and adjustable fluorescent lighting (instead of sunlight) to nourish the plants. Under the right conditions, the cube can grow up to 10,000 heads of lettuce per year—all for approximately 45 cents a vegetable, when electricity costs are taken into account, according DigInfo.

The Agri-Cube’s high price tag gives it limited appeal to the average consumer, but we imagine that restaurants might be big customers, especially since certain restaurants are already experimenting with rooftop hydroponic farming. For restaurants that lack roof access but have a bit of outdoor space, this could be the next best thing.

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  • Cory Matthew Mellor

    This isn't complicated tecnology people. There is nothing special about this, It looks like just a very basic hydroponics/Aeroponics set up useing just fluorescent lights... New hydroponic tech all use LED lighting which grows vegetables faster and much lower energy output ( cost $4,500 a year to run it?!? That's ridiculous). IF the unit was self sustaining maybe. Sure the outside design looks pretty but with a price tag of $70,000 hahahah what a joke. The average handy person can make one of these with a fraction of the cost. I know the article already stated this but forgot to factor in the cost of the unit it self! 10,000 heads of lettuce a year so that's about 1$ a head ( a head of lettuce costs roughly 1.09 where I'm from but let's just say a dollar for the sake of argument) minus $4,500 for energy costs so your saving 0.55 a head so your looking at almost 13 years till you actually start saving money or make money if your looking into making a small business out of this...