Watch This Electric Motorcycle Speed Through The Streets Of L.A.

A new promo video for Brammo shows that riding electric motorcycles can be just as rebellious and free-spirited as any gas-powered hog.

There is a commercial currently running in which Shaquille O’Neal lauds the size of a Buick, noting that "He has shoes that are bigger than most hybrids. And more stylish." (Nyuck nyuck, Shaq.) But that attitude—that hybrids aren’t for big, manly men—is prevalent. It’s this attitude that Tesla and Fisker Karma are fighting as they release electric cars that can go 0 to 60 in seconds. The same goes for the bike in the video above, which is the electric motorcycle company Brammo’s attempt to show that not all electric bikes are the little squealing things driven by delivery men.

Brammo’s bikes can go up to 100 mph and race in the ultra-fast electric motorcycle circuit, the eGrandPrix. And, as you can see, they’re driven very quickly by very attractive people. Are you man enough to ride one, Shaq?

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  • happig

    The mean streets of Los Angeles never looked so rebellious and deserted at the same time.  I would love to ride a Brammo if the cops would clear traffic like in the commercial.  It's quite an interesting toy to ride down windy country road.  I would imagine the torque to be very nice to have on tap as you're exiting turns.
    Most motorcycle videos add enticing engine sounds to portray the feel of riding the bike, however, I think this song appropriately describes the attitude of the bike.  Seeing harleys blasting music from a boom box attached to the fairings sparked an idea:  It would be cool if Brammo added an iPod option with a headphone jack.  It shouldn't decrease the performance, in fact, it would bring out the rebellious speed demon in the rider zipping through LA traffic.  It would also even out the playing field.  Drivers won't hear the bike coming or going, and neither will the rider.  As advertised, riding this bike in LA will literally make you free-spirited.

  • Mark Franklin

    I love it! But as with all things electric, range and charging times are their achilles. Having a range of only 56 miles on the highway just won't cut it in the long run. I lived in Portland, Oregon and rode all year round. Mostly around town, but there was nothing better than hitting the curves up around Mt. Hood, or heading to the coast. Let alone the times I would ride to Seattle. I guess the choice for now is the same that it has always been for motorcycle riders... You gotta own more than one bike. One for the track, one for around town, and one for longer trips.

  • zap mc

    ironic to see the girl advertising Champion spark plugs on her jacket

    not wearing gloves is dumb too

    all in all a non event