Street Art Reminds Us What True Beauty Is: Photoshop

A German street artist does some culture jamming on ads to show that beauty isn’t just skin deep, it’s also made on computers.

As a society, we’re constantly inundated with advertising. And a lot of those ads feature young and nubile bodies in exotic poses, designed to make you think that really attractive people also buy this product. But are they also making you think: How can I possibly get my abs to look like that?

The unnatural and unfair beauty standards that the advertising world is foisting on the rest of us average-bodied folks was brought home most effectively by the Dove Evolution video, which showed a woman slowly transformed into a model using makeup and a lot of editing. This new Hamburg street art campaign from artist Daniel Soares does the same thing for billboards.

The artist is simply pinning up the Photoshop tool bar alongside photos from an H&M campaign. The art asks: Think this is a real person? It’s not, it’s just a facsimile of a person that exists on the computer screen of some ad agency.

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  • SuperLuckyCat

    As someone who sees models walking around New York City on a regular basis, I have to admit that while they might not be as perfect as they're depicted in photographs, they're a hell of a lot more gorgeous than the average person. Just the way it is.

  • Tracey

     Completely agree. Even without photoshop their looks are still completely unattainable naturally.

  • Matt Vandrick.

    Am I the only one that never see's a problem with this? Despite having
    worked as a designer at an agency for a brief stint, people really do
    need to be retouched most of (read: ALL) the time. This demand for a
    "realistic" view of the world is a farce. Women wear make up, and hair
    extensions. Some men wear shoes that make them taller. The fact is,
    NOBODY rolls out of bed and onto the subway. These ads don't add or
    substract from the notion that everyone innately wants to present their best self, whatever that may mean to them!

  • Just2Clarify

    For one, there's a difference between makeup and photoshop. Also, everyone does not "innately" want to present their best self; rather, everyone learns that even their best self is not good enough, so they should buy ____ to improve it. That is the Capitalist dogma. And just to put things in perspective, I'll inform you that for many people, the subway IS bed. I hope you become conscious to the messages you receive, so you may be more mindful of the messages you are giving.

  • guest

    That Dove campaign gets a lot of kudos. The irony is that the same agency that created that campaign is also responsible for AXE cologne (or whatever it is), the add where horny, bikini clad women hurl themselves at dopy looking guys.

    Anything to make a buck.

  • Ra

    Should probably mention that H&M were pulled up last year because their adverts used mannequins with human heads Photoshopped on and skin tone changed appropriately.