An Artificial Kidney To Take Patients Off The Transplant Waiting List

Real organs are in short supply, so maybe this mechanical one (made with real human cells!) can help instead.

As anyone who has watched a medical drama knows, organs are in short supply and must be rushed everywhere in coolers, only to be delivered at the last possible moment. This is actually kind of true. In the U.S., 570,000 people suffer from chronic kidney failure, but last year there were only 16,812 kidneys available to be transplanted. A staggering 92,000 patients were left on the waiting list, which can be a death sentence.

There is no substitute for a real kidney, but researchers at UCSF and nine other labs have for years been working on an artificial version that can allow patients to live without dialysis, and without having to take immune suppressing drugs that normally prevent transplanted kidneys from being rejected by the body. This month, the FDA announced that it has selected the artificial kidney project for its Innovation Pathway, a program designed to help breakthrough technologies reach market faster than they might otherwise.

The implantable artificial kidney performs the water-balancing and metabolic functions of the real thing using lab-grown cells and nanofilters that remove blood toxins. No pumps or outside power supplies are needed; the body’s blood pressure pushes along filtration. "It’s a mechanical device combined with cells," explains Dr. Shuvo Roy, the leader of the artificial kidney project.

The device isn’t a perfect replica of a real kidney, but it provides enough functionality that patients can ditch dialysis and have complete freedom of mobility. The device can’t, for example, produce an important kidney chemical, called erythropoietin, which stimulates red blood cell production. Patients using the artificial kidney will have to take a drug for this, just like dialysis patients.

But unlike real transplanted kidneys, which have an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years, the artificial kidney can last indefinitely (new cells may have to be implanted through an injection or small port every two years.)

The kidney transplant waiting list won’t disappear anytime soon, even with the emergence of the artificial kidney. But the people who get kidneys from the waiting list are often close to death; healthier patients are left waiting. The artificial version could be an option for patients who are unlikely to get a real transplant.

Roy hopes that a clinical trial can begin in 2016. The device could be on the market by the end of the decade, with a price tag that’s comparable to what it currently costs to maintain a transplant (about $30,000 a year).

"One of the encouraging things for us is that the fundamental scientific basis for the artificial kidney has already been established. We know the concept works. The challenges ahead are mostly engineering challenges," says Roy.

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  • dr.alok

    Dear sir, please bring this artifical kidney to the market at the earliest because millions of patients are waiting and patients are dying everyday because of renal failure
    Dr. Alok saxena

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  • Tom Nolan

    speaking from the viewpoint of a person who was on dialysis and did receive a kidney transplant this is fantastic news. The best thing is this is only the first generation machine. In 10 to 20 years with the way science has been improving who knows, kidney disease no longer destroys peoples lives. Elderly people can live their lives normally. Young children can have a life free from this terrible disease, wow! This is the kind of science we all were hoping for. Solutions not cosmetic cover ups. Thank God for the men and women who day after day work for the good of all mankind.

  • Betsy Carolfi

    This is so great to hear for those on dialysis and those of us who are looking at the possible need for a kidney transplant in the future. This could revolutionize medicine.

  • Stephanie Taylor

    My husband has FSGS and is at 8% kidney function, we have been waiting for a transplant for 3 years. I have a lot of questions about this product and I would wanna see the results of previous tests

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  • Prince5909

    I am one of the probably millions who would be very open to this device being implanted since I've been told I am ineligible for a transplant, no list for me.  Would love to be considered for this trial when it becomes available. 

  • jason l

    How can I get on the list for a trial of this implantable artificial kidney.  I'm waiting on the other list and it's been way  too long.


  • Sri Vidhya

    God please help the existing patients to survive long till this machine comes to live.

  • Reginald Mayes

    I pray for myself and  everyone needing a kidney it want be much longer until they actually tranplant the first artificial kidney