The Cure

Designed by The Grand Rapids High School team from Grand Rapids, Minn, the battery electric "Cure" vehicle (pink ribbons, get it?) achieved the equivalent of 187 mpg.

9th Gen

9th Gen, a gasoline-powered vehicle from Mater Dei High School in Evansville, Ind., reached 2,188.6 mpg on its best run. Who needs electric cars with mileage like that?

8th Gen

Mater Dei High School took another first place prize for 8th Gen, a battery electric vehicle that achieved 1,587 mpg equivalent.

6th Gen

Mater Dei scored another first place win for 6th Gen, another gasoline-powered vehicle. This one squeezed out 1,441.5 mpg.

Diesel Weasel

Wawasee High School in Syracuse, Ind., got 1,289.8 mpg with the Diesel Weasel, which runs on--you guessed it--diesel.

Big Rig

The team from Alden-Conger High School in Alden, Minn., took first place for BigRig, a diesel-powered vehicle that got 674.9 mpg on its best run.

The Batmobile

The Batmobile solar-powered vehicle, created by the Newburgh Free Academy team from Newburgh, N.Y, achieved a 239 mpg equivalent.

Clean Green Machine

The Cicero North-Syracuse High School team from Cicero, N.Y. achieved 169 mpg equivalent with the Clean Green Machine, a fuel cell-powered vehicle.

The Chief

This hydrogen fuel cell vehicle from The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign team squeezed out the equivalent of 66 mpg.


Another winner from Mater Dei High School, the George gasoline-powered vehicle had a best run of 611 mpg.


HotRod, a diesel vehicle designed by Louisiana Tech University, achieved 488.7 mph.


Purdue University’s solar vehicle, Celeritas, achieved a 261 mpg equivalent.

Bengal Beast

The Warsaw Area Career Center team from Warsaw, Ind. took a first place prize for the Bengal Beast, a diesel-powered vehicle that reached 106.1 mpg.

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Feeling hopeless about humanity’s prospects for surviving another century? The annual Shell Eco-Marathon is a balm for the jaded environmentalist’s soul. The competition, held this year in Houston, Texas, challenged high school and college students to "build a vehicle that could go the farthest using the least amount of energy through the streets of downtown Houston." There were 14 first place winners in two categories: one-seater prototype vehicles and four-wheeled fuel economy vehicles that look like what’s on the road today. One high school team performed the impressive feat of getting 2,188 miles per gallon out of a gasoline-powered vehicle. Click the photos above to take a look at all the winners, culled from 113 total vehicles. If you’re having trouble seeing the captions, try scrolling down, they’re probably just hiding.

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