To Reach Young People, Social Innovation Goes Online

Nancy Lublin, the CEO of DoSomething.org, talks about the move from in-person to online organizing, and how that helps inspire a younger generation.

Nancy Lublin is the CEO (and COP--"Chief Old Person") of DoSomething.org, which works on converting the online sentiments of teenagers into real-world actions.

In this video, Lublin talks about how the Internet has changed the role of evangelizing about social innovation, taking it from an intense and inefficient face-to-face process to one that can be completed in seconds online. That can help the process--it’s a good way way to inspire action, especially among younger people--but also hinder it, since simply clicking on something online doesn’t necessarily translate to anything meaningful in the real world.

This video is part of a series on prominent social innovators, convened by PwC during the 2011 Social Innovation Summit and discussing their work that we’ll be hosting here on Co.Exist.

Here’s a little preview of everyone who will be featured.

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