It's Getting Hot In Here: A Video Of Climate Change

A new visualization from NASA shows the spikes in temperature that have occurred over the last 120 years.

2011 was the ninth warmest year since the start of modern meteorological records, in 1880. Well, you say, that’s 130 years. Warm years must have popped up every now and then. But, no, that’s not quite right. Nine of the 10 warmest years have occurred since 2000.

This new NASA video, which shows when temperatures change to warmer or colder than the average mid-20th century temperature. For about 75 years, hot spots pop up now and again—places like the Sahara are always hotter—but then, in the last 30 or so years, the place really starts to heat up.

In 2011, the average temperature around the entire planet was .92 degrees hotter than the baseline, which makes for a lovely orange glow when you view it on the map. There’s some tiny good news: This year was .22 degrees cooler than 2010, the hottest year ever. Still, it was quite hot, and that doesn’t mean it’s getting progressively cooler, we just got lucky. It will get hotter again.

Even in the dead of winter, watching the Earth heat up can make you start sweating.

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  • Matthew John James Hansell

    I'm just going to come out and say it. Co. EXIST, Thanks for sharing this. I have a feeling some major global events are about to occur this year which could lead into ALL THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD turning into MARTIAL LAW, especially if the SOLAR STORMS we already experienced on January 22, 2012 continue to INTENSIFY which could knock out all the worlds satiellites even knock out our power grids. As far as I can see, awareness of this potential threat doesn't seem to be sinking into the minds of the masses. Things are looking grim over here in the USA, it seems that the majority of United States population is completely blind, brainwashed or simply just ignoring whats really going on in the world. I believe our Two Political Party system is a conspiracy, that the Republican nominee Ron Paul, who is actually an Independent, is bravely standing up against. Progressive minded people like ourselves must find a way to band together and keep Liberty alive if such Global Tyranny arises to save us all and our planet that we are destroying. Thank you.