The Insane Traffic Of A Booming Asian Metropolis

Watch the choreographed chaos of the moving parts of Ho Chi Minh city in this beautiful time-lapse video.

The world’s population is booming, especially in Asia. And the world’s population is increasingly moving into cities, making them even more of a jumbled, chaotic mess than they already were.

To Western eyes, the semi-controlled chaos of mopeds, cars, and pedestrians all jockeying for the same space might seem frightening, but it’s the way that a large majority of the world’s urban dwellers get around every single day. And as those cities become more middle class and buy more cars, they’re the places where innovative transportation and urban planning solutions are going to be most needed to control emissions and gridlock.

Until then, though, just bask in the beauty of this time-lapse video by Rob Whitlock, showing what the streets of Ho Chi Minh city (population 6 million) look like.

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  • Nick Routley

    I spent a week in Saigon last year and I didn't see a single traffic accident. It's incredible how utter chaos can somehow flow organically and get millions of people from A-to-B.

    Beautiful Video!

  • Juuwe78

    They're keeping eye contact with the other participants in traffic. They don't primarily stick to rules.