A Manifesto For Living Life To The Fullest, With Bikes

You may have read Holstee’s manifesto about making a fulfilling and creative life, but you’ve never seen it with so many awesome biking shots.

Holstee is a lifestyle goods company with a conscience—think sustainable and well-designed products like MetroCard holders and flip-flops that you’d see almost anywhere in Brooklyn. They’re also the authors of a manifesto that you may have seen as it made the rounds of the Internet. It’s the words that Holstee’s founders, brothers Mike and Dave Radparvar, live by as they run Holstee, and their lives. (You can hear them talk about their company and the manifesto in our Change Generation series.)

With words to live by like "If you don’t like your job, quit," or "Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them, so go out and start creating," the manifesto is a call to arms for a generation insistent on making real, creative contributions to the world.

And what would be a better way to illustrate those words than with people on bikes, the transportation of choice for the urban creatives the manifesto targets. Add some rousing piano music, and you have your empowering video for the day. (Eat it, Coldplay.) Enjoy. The full manifesto is below:

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  • Weston

    Peter and Keith - adjust your lifestyle to match your means.  Quality of life is achieved through simplification.

  • Peter

    Couldn't have said it better Keith. I have a two year old daughter who I love and a job that I hate. Will somebody show me exactly how it is I'm supposed to quit my job, improve my lot and give her a future at the same time? I don't know what the authors status is but I get the impression too many of these things are written by single or casual relationship people with all their spare cash and time to themselves and who have no qualms about packing up and buggering off on a whim.

  • Brian

    Hey Peter. While I don't have a daughter, or a child for that matter (aven't been blessed that way yet), I can understand about hating your job. You do not have simple questions, friend. Nor are there simple answers. There are simply 'choices'. 

    I 'chose' to continue to do the job I don't care for because it provides me with the means to do the things I love. Do I wish I had more time? Yes. Do I wish I looked forward to going to work every day? Yes. But like the video says, if don't like something, change it.  I stopped watching TV. I stopped 'having one after work' during the week. I changed my diet. Finally, after spending nearly 20 years of pounding the marital 'square peg in a round hole' I made the hardest decision of my life. I 'stopped' my marriage. All those are 'choices'. Honestly, I've stopped 'doing' a lot of 'nothings' and have found more time to 'create'. 

    You CAN 'pack up and bugger off', just not on a whim. You have a responsibility to your daughter to provider for her. At the same time, in your current state, just 'what' are you providing her? Money? Clothes? Private Schools?  This is not meant as judgement. Only as 'questions'. 

    I think the intent behind this video, might be a bit of marketing (Visa/Nike) but also the conscious choice of choosing to live simply. However you define it. Again, this isn't meant to be a judgement. Good luck