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Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay, Assists Chipotle's Quest To End Factory Farms

In this charming music video from Chipotle, Willie sings about going "back to the start" of American farming, before animals were pumped with antibiotics and kept in factories.

A farmer, not content with his small family farm, starts to modernize. He turns his farm into a factory, pumping drugs into his pigs and pollutants into the water. But one night, he has a revelation: This is not what his life needs to be. He lets his animals roam free and raises them naturally (though still eats them).

That's the premise of the new music video commissioned by Chipotle, featuring Willie Nelson's cover of Coldplay's "The Scientist." The refrain—"I'm going back to the start"—is meant to evoke Chipotle's desire to take American farming to a healthier, more natural place. It's amazingly animated by Johnny Kelly.

It may ring a little false that an enormous fast food chain is trying to end factory farming, but Chipotle often puts its money where its mouth is. It buys more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant company in the country. And this summer, the company committed to using more than 10 million pounds of local produce in its restaurants.

Chipotle plans to show the video in 5,700 movie theaters around the country, and when you purchase the cover on iTunes, $.60 of your $.99 goes to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, which supports sustainable farming. And Coldplay, but forgive them for that.

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  • Sas

    Most of the so call factory farms dont over use drugs. just a peta lie! Animals on these large farms live in climate controlled buildings. Living outside will need more drugs to keep them healthy.  Maybe people ought to get ride of their cars and use horse and wagon to get around. I think their polution is hurting my kids. I will never eat at the over priced Chipolte and Willie has smoked to many drugs to have any idea of what needs to happen.

  • Ckstole

    Please Sas, go read a book. How about The Omnivore's Dilemma? Hopefully it will enlighten you. And yes, some factory farms do not overuse antibiotics but they just have a higher death rate among their animals than those that do. No animals should be kept in dark, crowded spaces their whole lives. The reason for antibiotics is that animals, like humans who live in overcrowded places, are much more prone to disease than those who are healthy. Also, these factory farmed animals are fed things that they do not naturally eat (animal byproducts, corn, etc) which makes them even more susceptible to illness. As for your concern about pollution, please take into account that the manure runoff from these farms is extremely toxic and does get into our water supply.

    But all this aside, I'm sure if you were a pig, crammed into a space so small you couldn't turn around, eating food that made you sick, and possibly even being abused by the people feeding you (there are tons of documented cases of workers kicking piglets, etc), you would be perfectly fine because at least you were in a climate controlled building?

    If you don't like reading you can always watch Food, Inc. Either way, please inform yourself before you make useless comments with no basis in fact.